Carphone Warehouse

The Company

From a small store in Baker Street to the UK’slargest retailer of mobile phone handsets and contracts,Carphone Warehouse knows what it takes to make their business a success. With over 11,000 employees nationally and sales targets to meet, having a dedicated and motivated workforce is a necessity, for Carphone Warehouse it’s all about their people!

Their Challenge

Carphone Warehouse has a large and diverse workforce so any incentives scheme would have to tap into a multitude of desires whilst providing consistency, transparency and of course motivation. In 2012, Stargage partnered with Carphone Warehouse to introduce an online reward andrecognition platform, titled the ‘Thank You’ programme.

The Solution

The Thank You programme, distributed across 153 stores and locations, was designed to incorporate social networking and the ability to earn points on a number of KPI related goals. Points fed into the branches/locations team bank, which could be redeemed against a carefully curated catalogue of products, vouchers and experiences.

The Result

The Thank You programme, which ran for 7 years, resulted in employees going the extra mile to hitsales targets and exceed customer expectations. Employee feedback was easily captured giving colleagues the opportunity to recognise and congratulate each other on their successes. During the programme over 2000 total comments were recorded, over 5167 orders were placed with, 20% of staff signed up for Stargage concierge offerings including team nights out.