Carlsberg Credits – Loyalty Scheme

The Company

Carlsberg produce some of the world’s most well loved beers and have a heritage of fantastic sales to back this up. Carlsberg UK now has 3 of the top 5 fastest growing lager brands in supply to establishments throughout the UK. Carlsberg Credits is the loyalty scheme from Carlsberg UK, which rewards free trade customers on stocking Carlsberg products and third party brands directly from Carlsberg.

Their Challenge

"Uniformity in incentives"

Prior to partnering with Stargage, Carlsberg and third party brands had previously offered product-based incentive on sales placed at the Christmas road shows.Carlsberg required upfront forecasting to indicate sales throughout the peak Christmas period in order to encourage uplift on the previous year – importantly removing the temptation from customers who may otherwise spend with a competitor.

The Solution

"Bespoke online rewards platform"

Stargage worked with Carlsberg to put together a bespoke online rewards platform, bringing together Carlsberg and third party brands to have a collaborative promotional budget. A points based platform was created, instead of a single promotional product offering as an individual brand.Carlsberg’s free trade customers were able to register on the branded Carlsberg Credits online reward platform, attend a trade show and pledge an advanced order committing to stock throughout the Christmas period.

The Result

"A seamless solution"

Carlsberg Credits customers are able to seamlessly link through to the redemption platform where they can redeem their points in exchange for Carlsberg branded point of sale items or a variety premium gifts.Carlsberg have over 7800 users on the scheme with Carlsberg Free Trade customers redeeming 600,367 points from March 2015 to March 2016.