Employee Engagement and Employee recognition

"Inspiring and measurable magic for a motivated workforce"

Employee Engagement

Stargage is on a mission to help companies benefit from the immense business impact of having engaged, enabled and energised employees turn up for work every day.

We believe traditional, hierarchical programmes will never manage to nurture and sustain the shifts in personal behaviour and corporate culture companies so want to bring about.

Instead, we are passionate advocates of a social engagement approach that takes account of the role of happiness, personal choice and new experiences in mindset and motivation.

As a result, our StargageAlive reward and recognition platform is like nothing else on the market: it breaks the rules to achieve breakthrough employee engagement.

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Employee Recognition

Developing a culture of celebration within your organisation should be more than just doing something nice. By recognising your employees’ achievements, you are simultaneously reinforcing your organisations core values, whilst boosting the morale and motivation of your workforce - simply put, 'it's good for business'.

We offer a comprehensive portfolio of Employee recognition solutions, all aimed at hitting the employee motivation hot spot. These include a personalised instant reward service, long service recognition, thank you recognition, employee of the quarter/year, online peer-to-peer recognition, social shout-out walls and point-based reward schemes; all of which link individual performance to organisational values and goals.

"Motivate your workforce by celebrating success."

"Add some measurable magic to your sales team performance"

Employee Rewards

On-target earnings only go so far in motivating your sales team. With an ever increasing demand to generate more leads and sales, it’s essential that your employee rewards and incentives programme is able to deliver a measurable increase in sales and staff satisfaction.

We understand the pressure points of your sales teams, their struggles and their challenges. Our unique insight gives us the edge when it comes to working with you. We’ll work with you to design a measurable program and customise sales incentives to meet your unique requirements. Our creative employee rewards are sure to inspire your sales teams to work harder and deliver more!