The social engagement platform that
brings your company values alive

We've reimagined reward and recognition programmes. Because it's about time. And because it's now possible. Social technology, a shift to employee autonomy and the latest behavioural science make StargageAlive refreshingly purposeful, infectiously positive and uncommonly powerful.

StargageAlive connects company values with the personal choice, pleasure and sense of purpose known to make humans happy, through the rewardable challenges at its heart. Challenges that delight employees and take values off the page and into real life, shift behaviour and shape culture, naturally.


It turns a digital platform into a dynamic social space alive with activity and positivity where employees enjoy sharing their challenge stories, recognising their peers and hanging out. Thanks to this big-hearted community, StargageAlive becomes part of everyday life, automatically.

'I was absolutely blown away by StargageAlive, it was so incredibly engaging and so different from anything I've ever come across'

Michaela Bonomini, Global Head of HR, GVC