Why work with us

Why work with us

We saw that things weren't right in the world of reward and recognition. That programmes too often underperformed. That employees found them dispiriting. Realising we had the skills in-house and a better model in mind, we brought StargageAlive to life to help employees and companies find their happy place.

We're a bunch of experts

We are a performance improvement specialist with fantastic experience covering everything from employee engagement to rewards sourcing and fulfilment and software development to project management and employee communications.

We make it easy for you

It's not just that we’re geared up to get your programme up and running and making a difference quickly. We also went all out for flexibility in the concept's design and the platform's structure, so customisation is simple and swift too.

We're with you all the way

Our goal today is to understand your challenges and set you up with a programme that does the business. As your needs and ambitions change in the future we'll work alongside you to evolve your programme - and keep the good times rolling.

We care about your success

We're social engagement enthusiasts for many reasons, a big one being the ability to delve into data and extract results. Monitoring participation and business impact means we can help fine-tune your programme to get you exactly where you want to go.

'I think this is a whole new era of reward and recognition and seeing employees through different eyes. We are at the beginning of a journey with Stargage, following this road and working together to make work more fun'

Judith Schmuck, Head of Employee Engagement, GVC Holdlings


Improving Performance

"Designed to bring out the best in everyone"