How Stargage Alive works

How it works

How StargageAlive is an all-in-one Platform. That's about as simple as it gets to set up and to customise. Companies can put their mark on it, add challenges to it, brand it. Employees get it from the off: they're free to choose the challenges and rewards that mean something to them and the colleagues they want to thank and reward.

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    Decide on your goals

    Embedding your company values and shaping its culture isn't StargageAlive's only star turn. Talk to us about other business issues you're facing and we'll createa purposeful choice of challenges for your programme.

    In fact, StargageAlive can scoop up and help realise any number of additional ambitions, from supporting wellbeing or volunteering to stepping up customer service, self development or environmental performance.

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    Choose purposeful challenges

    Match the challenges you set to the changes you want to see. Give people the freedom to select from a range of rewardable activities they find fun and fulfilling, which bring your values alive.

    Choose from the life-enriching assortment in our challenge bank or chip in with ideas of your own to trigger behaviours and habits that benefit employees' lives and your business.

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    Recognise values in action

    StargageAlive makes recognition social and doubly special. Because occasional corporate praise for high performance is nowhere near as culturally powerful or transparently equitable as a peer's personal, real-time appreciation of values lived.

    Every employee is given a reward budget for recognising their colleagues, with the social setting and public visibility adding value for the recipient, who can also claim a reward.

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    Motivate through rewards

    Awarded for challenges completed and recognition received, rewards can be tailored to your workforce and sourced and fulfilled in-country for global operations. From products and experiences to concierge services, charity donations and time-off - the choice is yours.

    Reward points earned are shown visually on each employee's dashboard, making it easy to see when pillars are full and rewards can be ordered through the online catalogue.

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    Measure and report on impact

    As one all-embracing digital platform rich in meaningful data, StargageAlive makes it easy to systematically monitor activity levels, the popularity of challenges and employee engagement. Giving you insights to guide developments and statistics to measure progress.

    As well as monitoring activity by team so support can be given to less engaged groups, the platform can also review sick days, leavers, tenure and specific measures related to additional business goals.

'I see old-style reward and recognition programmes as like silent movies and that what we have with StargageAlive is a blockbuster!'

Judith Schmuck - Head of Employee Engagement, GVC Holdings

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