What StargageAlive can do for you

What it can do for you

StargageAlive breaks the rules to achieve breakthrough employee engagement. Its bottom-up, 24/7, happiness-generating approach deepens the impact it has on values and expands its influence into employer branding, employee wellbeing and business performance.

Here are 9 things customers tell us it's done for them.


Engage from day one

From the outset, employees are intrigued by StargageAlive's originality. They like how it gives them the opportunity to inject fun into their lives and how it makes them feel trusted to mould their own workplace. There are also easy challenges to take for quick rewards, getting them off to a flying start with immediate involvement in the social side of things.


Take values into real life

Stargage's Alive's challenges help employees understand what the company's values look like in action. More than this, completing challenges changes what they do. Which is far more effective than trying to change the way they think. And the more things people do that bring your values alive, the more it becomes a habit and the more you benefit.


Create real community spirit

The social aspect of StargageAlive gives the sense of belonging and having a voice that's difficult to realise through traditional means. As employees evidence their challenges and post their recognition stories and others pop in to see what's happening and comment, an ever-changing, self-sustaining, totally-authentic community comes alive before your eyes.


Reduce investment in R&R

StargageAlive's flexibility means that if values or goals change it doesn't have to mean a change of reward and recognition programme. Instead of putting time and money into going out to the market yet again, all that's needed to keep things fresh, front of mind and focused on what matters to your business are fuss-free challenge and reward changes.


Strengthen bonds with staff

Every day, StargageAlive demonstrates that employees are valued for who they are and what they care about at work and beyond. As challenges take things wider than the workplace, employees get a warm feeling about work even when they're not there and the business gets more positive people turning up for work each day.


Weave wellbeing into daily life

StargageAlive can help stimulate positive action around wellbeing without the need for a separate strategy or additional investment. Introducing healthy living challenges gives employees the inspiration and support they're looking for and the business the opportunity to show how much it values them.


Make recognition effective

The kind of social, instant, person-to-person appreciation enabled by StargageAlive in the name of recognition is a world away from its predecessors. Evolving recognition in this way is proving a revelation - and that genuine gratitude is one of the easiest ways of making people happy.


Develop an employer personality

When it comes to differentiating yourself in the labour market StargageAlive is a real ally. Its social wall alone can do the job, tangibly and convincingly showing potential employees what you care about and how deeply your values, personality and culture are embedded in the business.


Boost employee happiness

Employee happiness, today's corporate holy grail, has always been StargageAlive's overarching goal. Bringing together all the ingredients for happiness, from meaningful activity to a strong community and personal freedom to acts of kindness, makes for more engaged, enabled and energised employees.

'You can't force things but if you provide an enjoyable environment and stimulating challenges and make it all about personal choice it's delicate and meaningful and sinks in to become part of how employees do things'

Judith Schmuck, Head of Employee Engagement, GVC Holdings

Improving Performance

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